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Professional Tattoo & Piercing Studio in Kingston, Ontario

Mutiny Tattoo & Piercing has been offering quality and affordable work in Kingston since 2016. All our artists are trained in proper and safe tattooing and piercing to ensure safety for all of our clients.


Our talented tattoo artists in Kingston Ontario have been providing a professional service since 2016.

Looking for a specific style? We’ve got you covered!


Our piercers in Kingston Ontario are fully trained to ensure safety for all of our clients

Thinking about getting a new piercing? Come see us in our clean, relaxed shop.

Piercing & Body Jewelry

Mutiny Tattoo & Piercing offers a wide selection of piercing jewelry for the Kingston area. Visit our shop today and we’ll help you find the perfect piece of body jewelry for you, we have something for everyone.

Mutiny Tattoo & Piercing is family owned and operated with handpicked artists that truly care about their art. We want to make sure that whether it’s your first tattoo / piercing or you are running out of “real estate” you get the best out of your experience. At Mutiny Tattoo & Piercing we pride ourselves on providing quality tattoos and piercings  and make the process an awesome experience.

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