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Our Business Policies

All clients MUST have valid government ID – No Exceptions

Minors should have a legal guardian present with valid government ID

In the case that last names do not match, we must ask for a birth certificate or other proof of guardianship

Piercing & Jewelry Policy

All jewelry sales are final

As professionals we hold ourselves to a certain standard. As such, there is a minimum age limit on certain piercings.

Lobes: ages 5+

Cartilage: ages 12+

Nose & Septum: ages 12+

Navel: ages 16+

Industrial: ages 18+

Lip Piercings: ages 16+

Tongue: ages 18+

Nipples: ages 18+

Tattoo Policy 

Touch ups can be booked and are free within the first 3 months of getting the tattoo

Due to the nature of the placement, the touch up policy does not extend to hand and foot tattoos

It is up to each artist’s discretion whether or not they take on your project


Deposit Policy

Deposits are no less than $100 and come off of the price of the tattoo

Reschedules prior to the 48 hour mark retain the full value of the deposit

Cancelling or rebooking after the 24 hour mark forfeits the full deposit

All tattoo appointments require a deposit to secure a slot

Deposits are non-refundable – No Exceptions